Why is The Character Mary Jane In The Spider-Man Trilogy Hated By Fans? Here’s The Explanation

Why is The Character Mary Jane In The Spider-Man Trilogy Hated By Fans? Here's The Explanation

Why is The Character Mary Jane In The Spider-Man Trilogy Hated By Fans? Here’s The Explanation – Although Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man film trilogy makes some of his personalities well remembered. In fact not with Mary Jane. This character always gets the envy of fans because of the steps Sam Raimi directs this character. In fact, there are often those who throw the malice at the actress herself (Kristen Dunst).

What is the argument that Mary Jane’s character is so hated by some Spidey movie fans? This time, we will explain to you what caused Mary Jane versus Sam Raimi to be hated by some Spider-Man movie fans, especially fans of the Sam Raimi instruction trilogy.

Immediately, let’s go straight to the review right now.

His Figure is Too Dependent on Spider-Man

Why is The Character Mary Jane In The Spider-Man Trilogy Hated By Fans? Here's The Explanation

Some fans think that Mary Jane is too dependent on the Spider-Man figure. If in the other two versions, Spider-Man finds a lover who can help him fight the villains. Mary Jane is not the type of girl who can do the same.

His life always goes round and round in Spider-Man. In fact, because she is so dependent, Mary Jane is often the target of several Spider-Man villains from Sam Raimi’s era. He didn’t have the ability or the courage to put up a fight. Until many fans hate the character of this woman.

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His Attitude Made Peter Parker a Fickle Person

Why is The Character Mary Jane In The Spider-Man Trilogy Hated By Fans? Here's The Explanation

Throughout the three films, how many times did Mary Jane change lovers? Starting with Flash Thompson, John Jameson, Harry Osborn, then Peter Parker. Roughly speaking, throughout Sam Raimi’s three Spider-Man films, we just waited for Peter and MJ’s romantic story to begin without any problems from any line of villains.

The funny thing is, MJ’s friendly steps towards Peter always make Peter’s life seem like it’s being taken backwards. As she tries to start her own life, Mary Jane arrives with one more problem, keeping the two inseparable.

Even more baffling, Mary Jane sometimes ends her marriage right at the altar because only she realizes that so far, she has fallen in love with the Spider-Man figure of Peter Parker.

No Meaningful Character Enhancement

Why is The Character Mary Jane In The Spider-Man Trilogy Hated By Fans? Here's The Explanation

The majority of fans certainly agree with this assumption. Throughout the three films, Sam Raimi always uses a similar formulation. Namely, make Mary Jane like a trophy for some factions. I don’t know if it’s Spider-Man, his line of villains, and some of the people he’s dated in the film.

The three films never gave character enhancements that could replace Mary Jane into a better character. The thing is, he is often a bone of contention for some criminals, Peter Parker gets carried away in that problem, then Peter himself needs to solve it as a Spider-Man.

So those are the reasons why Spider-Man fans really hate the Mary Jane figure. However, this does not allow us to mock the artist. Because he only plays the role he gets according to the document from the author of the story.

In your opinion, there are more or less reasons why fans hate May Jane’s character? Don’t hesitate to put it in the comment box, okay?

To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers, Marvel Party Will Do This Action

To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoiler, Marvel Party Will Do This Action

To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers, Marvel Party Will Do This Action – In order not to leak Doctor Strange 2 spoilers, the Marvel faction will act on this. Not denying that so-called film spoilers have now become somewhat “ethical” or even “cultural.” Because as we know today, spoilers spread very quickly like the COVID-19 virus or other disease viruses.

This is of course because the internet and social media are now also a side of our lives every day. Nach, we can say from all the films that always leak spoilers are those that have fan-favorite franchise characteristics.

To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoiler, Marvel Party Will Do This Action

MCU Leaks Most Often

Well, if we narrow it down again, of all the film franchises, it is the MCU franchise that leaks film doctor strange 2 spoilers the most. Basically, even though Kevin Feige cs has made various deterrence efforts, however, spoilers still exist in several communities or social media.

One of the newest examples is the super hit MCU film that was released at the end of 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). Nach of course witnessed this, Feige cs was very sad. Because one more time we can say they still haven’t succeeded at all to do the deterrence.

Fortunately, this did not then make them flinch. Instead, they continue to think of steps to stop this annoying thing. And it looks like this latest step they are about to take, will be able to do.

Have The Latest Provisions For The Media Screening Process and Reviewers

So as we know the latest MCU film that we are most anticipating its release in the near future is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness aka Doctor Strange 2. This film was due to be released in the United States on May 6, 2022.

Nach is generally like some other non MCU films. Films belonging to the MCU have a screening process or gala premeire which has been carried out about 1-2 weeks before the usual launch date. This moment is generally reserved for journalists, great reviewers, and some of their invited guests.

But to avoid Doctor Strange 2 spoilers, the Marvel faction legally stopped the custom. They are now exchanging it for more stringent and equal terms for the common good.

Wow, how about the replacement, huh? Here, immediately read the two uploaded information from the brand and the PR Director of ScreenRant, Rob Keyes and Erik Davis from the Fandango website below.

Yes, as you read, so the latest way from Marvel to avoid Doctor Strange 2 spoilers is by screening the film on May 2, 2022. Or 4 days before the premiere day for all of those people. Screening will take place in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Besides that, as we read from Davis’s tweet, the review of Doctor Strange 2 can only be uploaded/posted by the media or Vlogger the next day or May 3, 2022.
Nach with this new provision, therefore there are two first things here. The first is the same as I explained in the first paragraph. This is likely the first time the MCU screening will take place just a few days before the general release date of the film.

Second, in the way that the Marvel faction took this, because it was the first time reporters had screened the MCU after a press junket session.

Understanding Press Junket

For those of you who may not understand, press junket is a term for session interviews between journalists from representatives of the medium (sometimes YouTubers and Vloggers/Bloggers can) on some or even all of the cast of the film.

This interview, of course, is to increase the hype of their film. What usually happens is that the journalist will first watch (screen) the film on a limited basis before doing a press junket session.

But just as we have read. To avoid Doctor Strange 2 spoilers, therefore this time the opposite is happening. Well, hopefully this latest method can minimize or even stop the spoiler leak.

At this point, what do you think about the way the Marvel faction is working on this?

3 Things That Ruined Tobey Maguire’s Career in The Past

3 Things That Ruined Tobey Maguire's Career in The Past

3 Things That Ruined Tobey Maguire’s Career in The Past – Being the star of the superhero film trilogy that was a hit, it should carry the name Tobey Maguire as the man in the spandex dress. However, it seems that it has actually declined and disappeared from the world of cinema, especially Hollywood.

Was there really anything wrong with Tobey Maguire at that time? Why did I get a bit of an ambitious film project after a scene in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy? Releasing Looper, here’s the full narrative.

Tobey Maguire’s long-lasting performance makes it difficult for him to take serious projects

3 Things That Ruined Tobey Maguire's Career in The Past

We (including myself) are really surprised that Tobey Maguire is really such a babyface. Not only Tobey, the two Spidey artists before (Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland) both have looks that last long and young.

Because of this, Tobey finally became beautiful to get serious roles. His youthful face in the midst of increasing age has resulted in the birth of this Californian artist being exposed to role stereotypes and is still suitable for playing the character of young children. Unfortunately, the Hollywood film industry rarely hires artists over the age of 30 and over for the same roles.

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Spider-Man 3 Criticism Has Big Impact On His Career

3 Things That Ruined Tobey Maguire's Career in The Past

Not only could it ruin Topher Grace’s career. because Spider-Man 3 has a role to reduce Tobey Maguire’s acting. Because the film’s scathing criticism resulted in him really wanting to get some film projects that could release him from the shadow of Peter Parker’s figure.

The stipulation is that he still plays Peter Parker until the 3rd film as if it were a double-edged sword. Tobey managed to get a huge footprint in the film industry. However, due to the poor discussion of Spider-Man 3, he had to live in the shadow of Peter Parker’s character due to the difficulty of several other projects while completing the film.

His Link In Illegal Gambling Ruined His Career

3 Things That Ruined Tobey Maguire's Career in The Past

Even though he is a big artist and inspires children who see the Spider-Man films he starred in. Tobey continues to be an ordinary human being who can do bad things. But unfortunately, that’s the only thing that makes it really fatal so that it doesn’t just stop his career. but also his popularity as an artist is also decreasing slowly.
In 2011, his name was added to the list of Hollywood artists who participated in illegal poker gambling. His name was entered along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck. In fact, one of the gamblers frankly stated that Tobey Maguire was not a great gambler in a book called Molly’s Games.

These are just some of the reasons why Tobey Maguire’s career was crushed in the past period.

6 Realities Spider-Man 2 You Probably Didn’t Know

6 Realities Spider-Man 2 You Probably Didn't Know

6 Realities Spider-Man 2 You Probably Didn’t Know – To this day, Spider-Man 2 is still the most successful Spider-Man adaptation. Both from the narrative factor, the income in the cinema, until the peak won several awards at the Oscars in 2005.

Talking about Spider-Man 2, apparently there is a narrative and some good evidence that we probably don’t know yet, you know! What are some? Nach. This time, we will tell you 7 evidences of the Spider-Man 2 movie that you didn’t know. What are some? Right here is the review.

1. Tobey Maguire Could Not Believe That The Sequel Will Be Successful

6 Realities Spider-Man 2 You Probably Didn't Know

Apparently, actor Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) was initially skeptical about this sequel project. When he reads the script that has been given, Tobey has a lot of negative feelings that basically can’t believe that this project will be as successful as the first film.

But as we all know, Tobey’s indecision was completely wrong. Because Spider-Man 2 successfully received a lot of positive reviews.

2. Dock Ock’s hands are real property

6 Realities Spider-Man 2 You Probably Didn't Know

While the film industry today is very familiar with CGI, Sam Raimi in that period matched CGI with some practical effects quite well. One of them is the hands stuck behind Doctor Octopus’ body.

Sam Raimi and producer Laura Ziskin used real property for the hands. Some crew get a job to move it during the shooting process.

3. Versus Director’s Cut Shows Jonah Jameson Wearing Spider-Man Suit

6 Realities Spider-Man 2 You Probably Didn't Know

For some viewers who saw the versus Premiere and who appeared on tv, may not get this episode. Because the episode of Jonah Jameson wearing a Spider-Man suit only existed in versus Director’s Cut back in 2007.

For the premiere version, we only get the episode of Jonah Jameson hanging Spider-Man’s clothes on the Daily Bugle office wall.

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4. Actor Aunt May Does His Own Stunt

6 Realities Spider-Man 2 You Probably Didn't Know

Rosemary Harris, actor Aunt May at that time became one of the oldest actors in the first sequel. At the time of taking pictures, he was already 70 years old. However, Harris still does his own stunts. Even during the episode with Doctor Octopus.

5. There is an obsolete Sam Raimi movie recommendation in Spider-Man 2

6 Realities Spider-Man 2 You Probably Didn't Know

Remember the episode above? It was the episode when Doctor Octopus was in the hospital because of his unsuccessful trial run. Apparently, this episode is a homage of 2 films that Sam Raimi holds. Namely The Evil Dead, which was launched in 1981 and Army of Darkness, which was launched in 1992.

6. Train Episodes Have Been Expected Since The First Spider-Man

6 Realities Spider-Man 2 You Probably Didn't Know

One of the episodes that is quite eye-catching and really intensive is the confrontation of Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man in a train. Apparently, Sam Raimi has made a description of the episode in his storyboard while still working on the first Spider-Man. Starting from taking pictures to be taken to the decision to use CGI to complete this episode.


Spider-Man Review (2002): The First Live-Action Adaptation of Spider-Man That Was Fun But Also Creepy

Spider-Man Review (2002): The First Live-Action Adaptation of Spider-Man That Was Fun But Also Creepy

Spider-Man Review (2002): The First Live-Action Adaptation of Spider-Man That Was Fun But Also Creepy – Maybe some of you are surprised why tavernamasti is reviewing the live-action adaptation of Spider-Man which was released almost 20 years ago. Well, don’t be surprised guys. Surely you can guess the reason, right?

Yes, Tavernamasti did this to do a retrospective as well as to welcome the release of the Spider-Man: No Way Home film which will be released in all Indonesian cinema networks, on December 15, 2021.

Well, the first Spider-Man review from director Sam Raimi’s (Evil Dead) Spider-Man trilogy, will be the first nostalgic Spider-Man review. Later, I will review all other Spider-Man films up to the last release, Spider-Man: Far From Home (2017).

So yep, you will also read the review of The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield later. Okay, without further ado, let’s just start with Raimi’s first Spider-Man review.

Spider-Man Review (2002): The First Live-Action Adaptation of Spider-Man That Was Fun But Also Creepy

Won’t really Explain The Plotwist of The Story Anymore

Well, it seems that I don’t need to explain further about the plot of the story. Because many of us are still very familiar with the plot. Maybe even until the Far From Home review later, I won’t really explain behind the whole plot of the Spider-Man films

This is because Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and other live-action Spider-Man films are still often broadcast not only on private TV, but also on subscription TV channels such as HBO or Fox Movies Premium.

Therefore, I think again (with the exception of the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home), will just jump right into the review.

Unique Step With Green Goblin As Villain

Now for the jump in the opening review, let’s talk about the villain in the film, Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe). It’s undeniable that fans at that time were very surprised when they found out that Goblin would be the villain of this film.

Because when we hear Spider-Man movies or games, names like Venom, Carnage, Dr. Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Rhino, Electro, and Mysterio, are the names of potential villains that immediately come to mind.

Green Goblin in my opinion, he is nothing more than a side villain. So again, no wonder it’s a very unique move to use Norman as the main villain here

But that’s where the coolness of a Sam Raimi lies. In the grip of both hands, the figure of the Green Goblin immediately looks fierce, scary, crazy, and super believable as the main villain. In other words, this villain character ends up being very important and just as terrible as Venom or Carnage.

But it’s not surprising if we feel that way, because as we all know Raimi is basically a specialist in the horror genre. Therefore, once again, don’t be surprised if both the Goblin figure and some of the scenes that show it feel spooky and make us jumpscare wildly.

Dafoe Is The Best Spider-Man Villain Actor

Spider-Man Review (2002): The First Live-Action Adaptation of Spider-Man That Was Fun But Also Creepy

However, Raimi’s cold hands won’t feel cold if they don’t also help Dafoe as his Goblin. From the time I watched this film when I was about to enter high school until now, I still think that Dafoe is still the best Spider-Man villain actor to this day.

He is really like Jack Nicholson with his Joker role in Batman (1989) which is spooky, sadistic, and calculative. And by the way Joker, after re-watching this film, it’s true what many fanboys say.

Dafoe should have been cast to play the criminal prince from Gotham City. Because of the sadistic and mentally ill characteristics of Norman in this film, he really is 11-12 with Batman’s nemesis. And Dafoe was very successful in bringing it to life.

Other Actor Performances That Are Also Very Cool And Fit With Raimi’s Spider-Man Universe

But Dafoe wasn’t the only one who excelled. His other co-actors are also cool and really fit the characters they play. Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, for this version of the film he is very fitting.

Because the character of Peter in the Raimi universe is indeed described as a super dorky bint geeky figure. And Maguire was very successful in bringing this Peter to life. Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane fits perfectly into this Spidey universe, and so does James Franco as Norman’s son, Harry Osborn.

But even though Dafoe, Maguire, Dunst, and Franco are really cool, there’s still no actor who fits the iconic Spider-Man comic character more than J.K. Simmons as Jonah Jamesson.

Starting from his standing hair, his small mustache, and his temper, Simmons not only fits in with Raimi’s Jameson universe, but also with the Jameson figure in his comics. Therefore, it is not surprising that when he appeared again as Jameson 2 years ago through Spider-Man: Far From Home 2, all audiences were very excited.

Relatable Realistic Reaction Fish

Although the strength of Raimi’s trilogy (well, all Spider-Man films too) is in the strong performance of the cast, we also can’t deny that the scripting side of the film also has an equal share.

The script written by David Koepp (Mission: Impossible, Secret Window) is very well structured and easy to digest. And the cool thing is that with the help of Raimi’s direction, the two of them also succeeded in injecting realistic reactions in this semi-campy nuanced film.

This is seen once through one of the early scenes when Peter let the robber who robbed all the money belonging to the wrestling promoter he was following, got away with it. Even though Peter’s actions are not commendable, but it seems that if we don’t get the appropriate wages as promised in the paper, we will react the same way, right?

Then another realistic injection scene is when the eating scene is together. In the scene, Aunt May (Rosemary Harris) notices that Peter’s wrist is injured. Well, he got this scratch after he fought the Green Goblin.

And when Norman asked again and also reacted to Peter’s wound, he immediately realized that his biological son’s best friend, was Spider-Man. After realizing it, he immediately said goodbye because he was very confused and super shocked by what he just saw.

Now when he got home again, Norman with his Green Goblin alter-ego immediately argued and felt super upset. Because actually, Norman did not want to fight his son’s best friend. But after the alter-ego influenced him strongly, he finally agreed to kill Peter.

These two sample scenes once again exemplify the injection of realism into this fantasy superhero film. And with the injection of realistic reactions, we as fans and audiences feel very appreciated for their intellectuality. This aspect is unfortunately something that we rarely see nowadays in superhero films.

Fantastic Spider-Man Trilogy Opening Movie

With all these assessments, we can conclude from this Spider-Man review, that this film is the opening film of the fantastic Spider-Man trilogy.

There is almost no shortage of any of this film. Even the injection of jumpscare horror elements and a slick scoring from Danny Elfman (Batman) makes this Spider-Man Tobey’s first film even cooler.

Even if there is a drawback is the Green Goblin costume which in my opinion, even though it looks modern and badass, it would be better if at that time the film gave it the original comic costume. But luckily this doesn’t bother us when watching the film.

Oh yes, one more thing, the ending that makes us feel “cheesy” and baper, just makes us even more excited to see the continuation of the story, aka Spider-Man 2 (2004).

With the achievements and perfect standards achieved by this first film, it is no wonder that Spider-Man Raimi is so successful and also, makes the spider-man’s sustainability on the big screen last forever and exists to this day.

That was the entire Spider-Man review. Hopefully the review is useful and see you on the Spider-Man 2 review okay.