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To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers, Marvel Party Will Do This Action

To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoiler, Marvel Party Will Do This Action

To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers, Marvel Party Will Do This Action – In order not to leak Doctor Strange 2 spoilers, the Marvel faction will act on this. Not denying that so-called film spoilers have now become somewhat “ethical” or even “cultural.” Because as we know today, spoilers spread very quickly like the COVID-19 virus or other disease viruses.

This is of course because the internet and social media are now also a side of our lives every day. Nach, we can say from all the films that always leak spoilers are those that have fan-favorite franchise characteristics.

To Avoid Doctor Strange 2 Spoiler, Marvel Party Will Do This Action

MCU Leaks Most Often

Well, if we narrow it down again, of all the film franchises, it is the MCU franchise that leaks film doctor strange 2 spoilers the most. Basically, even though Kevin Feige cs has made various deterrence efforts, however, spoilers still exist in several communities or social media.

One of the newest examples is the super hit MCU film that was released at the end of 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). Nach of course witnessed this, Feige cs was very sad. Because one more time we can say they still haven’t succeeded at all to do the deterrence.

Fortunately, this did not then make them flinch. Instead, they continue to think of steps to stop this annoying thing. And it looks like this latest step they are about to take, will be able to do.

Have The Latest Provisions For The Media Screening Process and Reviewers

So as we know the latest MCU film that we are most anticipating its release in the near future is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness aka Doctor Strange 2. This film was due to be released in the United States on May 6, 2022.

Nach is generally like some other non MCU films. Films belonging to the MCU have a screening process or gala premeire which has been carried out about 1-2 weeks before the usual launch date. This moment is generally reserved for journalists, great reviewers, and some of their invited guests.

But to avoid Doctor Strange 2 spoilers, the Marvel faction legally stopped the custom. They are now exchanging it for more stringent and equal terms for the common good.

Wow, how about the replacement, huh? Here, immediately read the two uploaded information from the brand and the PR Director of ScreenRant, Rob Keyes and Erik Davis from the Fandango website below.

Yes, as you read, so the latest way from Marvel to avoid Doctor Strange 2 spoilers is by screening the film on May 2, 2022. Or 4 days before the premiere day for all of those people. Screening will take place in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Besides that, as we read from Davis’s tweet, the review of Doctor Strange 2 can only be uploaded/posted by the media or Vlogger the next day or May 3, 2022.
Nach with this new provision, therefore there are two first things here. The first is the same as I explained in the first paragraph. This is likely the first time the MCU screening will take place just a few days before the general release date of the film.

Second, in the way that the Marvel faction took this, because it was the first time reporters had screened the MCU after a press junket session.

Understanding Press Junket

For those of you who may not understand, press junket is a term for session interviews between journalists from representatives of the medium (sometimes YouTubers and Vloggers/Bloggers can) on some or even all of the cast of the film.

This interview, of course, is to increase the hype of their film. What usually happens is that the journalist will first watch (screen) the film on a limited basis before doing a press junket session.

But just as we have read. To avoid Doctor Strange 2 spoilers, therefore this time the opposite is happening. Well, hopefully this latest method can minimize or even stop the spoiler leak.

At this point, what do you think about the way the Marvel faction is working on this?